It’s not true that you can’t go anywhere. If you can’t visit our exciting games – our games can come to you!

Online teambulding events and fun social activities.

Tired of masks, bad news, working from home? Escape into a game!

Here everyone gets to play an important part – thrilling challenges will make you forget that you’re not in the same room – you’ll be immersed in problem-solving and having a great time! Virtual teambuilding events are a great solution for building meaningful relationships between coworkers while working from home. Such work is lonesome and often dull – that’s why virtual team stories are incredibly important – they improve communication and cooperation and at the same time, build friendships and a sense of belonging.

There’s no better shared experience than a team victory!

Yes, with Enigmarium® – extraordinary experiences, Friday evenings, family gatherings, teambuilding activities and birthdays are extremely fun even in times of quarantine!

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Choose your escape!

Remote: “The Wondrous Machine” – an escape game you play remotely with the help of an avatar

A new “remote” escape room experience! In the remote escape room in Slovenia, your gamemaster becomes your avatar and ventures into one of the best escape rooms for you. From the comfort of your home couch, you and your team give him directions and solve puzzles remotely via the Zoom app.

An exciting adventure awaits you!

The famous inventor and engineer Alojzij P. Čuden has dedicated his life’s work to inventing a machine that prevents earthquakes. Sophisticated seismographic instruments have just reported that an earthquake is about to shake Ljubljana. The only hope is for you and your team to find the way into his apartment and start the Wondrous Machine before it’s too late. Will you save Ljubljana?

Duration: 60 minutes (+ 15 minutes)
Mode: Zoom application
Language: ENG, SLO
Price: 108 € per team of 2 to 6 players

Remote: “Maestro Luigi & the Secret Recipe” – an escape game you play remotely with the help of an avatar

Try this new experience of escaping from the room “at a distance”! In the remote escape room in Slovenia, your gamemaster becomes your avatar and ventures into one of the best escape rooms for you. From the comfort of your homes, you and your team guide him and solve puzzles remotely via the Zoom app.

An unique adventure awaits you!

Escape hedonists, welcome to Maestro Luigi’s famous kitchen! The famous chef Maestro Luigi created a recipe for pasta that made everybody happy. When the thugs found out about the recipe, they set out to steal it. Thus Luigi had it encrypted. Will you be able to decipher the encrypted recipe and make the world happy (before the thugs arrive)?

Duration: 60 minutes (+ 15 minutes)
Mode: Zoom application
Language: ENG, SLO
Price: 108 € per team of 2 to 6 players

SENSPERIENCE® – The Hippocratic Oath: an interactive online drama

We’ve adapted our most immersive and unique interactive theatre game “Sensperience”. Now you and your team – in audio mode, with your eyes covered – can play it together via the Zoom app, from the comfort of your homes. Attention: this is not theatre; nor is it an escape room or a horror house. There are no puzzles, codes or wrong decisions. You will be the one to direct the game which will come alive in your imagination. Sensperience® is undoubtedly the most immersive interactive gaming experience you can imagine.

A global catastrophe of cataclysmic proportions (no, it’s not the coronavirus!) has completely changed the world. Values no longer mean anything and survival is all that counts. Anything can happen. You will decide what to do. There are no right or wrong decisions – your only mission is to survive! Will you dare to escape reality and come alive in your imagination?

Duration: 90 minutes
Mode: Zoom application
Language: ENG, SLO
Price: game currently unavailable

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… for bigger groups, companies, teambuilding activities…

The mysterious ship NAUTILUS: a fun remote teambuilding escape game

An entertaining teambuilding programme on the ZOOM platform combines solving fun puzzles and tasks by teams in the style of an escape room, combinging competition and cooperation, improvisation and ingenuity.

Overnight, an unusual vessel has appeared out of nowhere in the Gulf of Trieste. Everyone is talking about this futuristic megayacht. Almost a mirage, its slender lines extend high in the sky. Its reflection on the water is practically invisible. The ship’s purpose stirs the imagination: a floating casino, a pirate radio station, a spaceship, a time machine, or a private yacht with lavish and licentious parties hidden from the public eye. Countless rumours circulate about why the ship has appeared right here and now and what is going on there. Rare are those who have managed to go aboard, but none have returned.
Do you dare to unravel her secret?

Duration: 90 minutes
Mode: Zoom application
Language: ENG, SLO
Number of players: from 12 to 30
Price: 26,5 € per person* + VAT
* + event organisation fee for big groups

Become a jury member in the interactive online drama “THE VERDICT”

Participate in a dramatic first-person online experience in which you become a jury member. In this excellent theatrical play, you play the main role. This is the first online product of Enigmarium’s Dutch partner – Logic Locks from Amsterdam, one of the best creators of reality games in Europe.

In the game “The Verdict” you will become one of twelve jury members. You will choose and critically rate evidence, watch witness videos, interrogate the convict and together with the other jury members reach a final verdict. But: what is truth and what is justice? Just like a real jury, you will have to make hard decisions based on your ethical principles. The games is so realistic that you’ll forget it is not real.

We recommend this game for teams who are looking for a unique group experience and not just entertainment. The game is intended for players who wish to challenge themselves by seeking the truth and are not afraid to explore the edges of moral and ethical decisions.

Duration: 110 minutes
Mode: Zoom application
Language: ENG
Number of players: from 6 to 12
Price: 258 € per group* + VAT
* + event organisation fee for big groups

THE PYRAMID – an online riddle game. Also for large groups!

Resolve the secrets of the ancient pyramid! Three sides of the pyramid, three entrances, three ways to a common solution, for three teams. May the competition begin!

An international success, the work of Enigmarium’s Israeli partner, the excellent creator Lee Ballan, was made during the first lockdown caused by the coronavirus. It’s a great example, that physical distance between players is not a deficiency and can even enhance the experience of the game.

The game is based on cooperation and communication. It is designed so that teams must cooperate to reach their goal – but they must never share what is on their screen.

You are in for plenty of laughter, improvisation, finding creative solutions and a bunch of “Aha!” moments!

Duration: 90 minutes
Mode: Zoom application + Pyramid platform
Language: ENG
Number of players: from 12 to 100+ players (also a thousand players!)
Price: 17 € per person* +VAT
* + event organisation fee for big groups

… play at home

THE ISLAND: the escape game in your room . “An escape room in a book!”

During the first week of the spring 2020 lockdown, we at Enigmarium created the cult online escape room game, THE ISLAND escape game in your room, for having fun when locked in our rooms. Now it’s available as a book!

The book contains a series of riddles to guide you through the gripping first-person story of the Sailor Šime and Grandfather Jože’s lost treasure. With its 7 chapters (also including hints and solutions), it provides up to 7 hours of gameplay with family or friends via the Zoom app or in your living room. You can choose to play a chapter a day or make your way to the end in a single sitting.

Have we already mentioned that the book makes an excellent gift? The number of copies is limited, order yours today.

Duration: up to 7 hours of intense gameplay / recommended for up to 6 players

Mode: Book
Language: ENG, SLO
Price: 19,90 + shipping

Why Enigmarium®?

In 2014, we designed the first Slovenian escape room in Ljubljana. Today, with more than twenty-five original reality games, Enigmarium® is a trendsetter of innovative gamification of tourist experiences / events / sights on a global scale.

In addition to the Escape Igloo® project (Snovalec 2015 Award), the team developed the innovative “outdoor” urban adventure UNLOCK®, which you can play (and learn about the city’s history) in eight European and two American cities, and gamified a museum exhibit at the Slovenian Alpine Museum (honorary Valvasor Award, international Živa Award for innovation). We were the first in the world to gamify a castle – Morosini Grimani Castle in Svetvincenat near Pula. Through the adventure game “ESCAPE CASTLE” at the city’s most-visited tourist attraction – Ljubljana Castle – we revived legends, city history and freed the dragon.

Today’s visitors, instead of the role of a passive observer, want active experiences in which they perform in the lead role. Our advantage is that we are constantly innovating and creating new concepts and “custom-made” solutions – from gamifying events and increasing the attractiveness of city centres and attractions, to gamifying historic castles, museum exhibits and other à la carte gamified solutions for animating visitors and groups. CALL US!


Gamification and experiential marketing are increasingly important marketing tools. The Escape Room Enigmarium® team offers custom-made solutions for experiences: from gamifying events, enriching congresses and making city visits more exciting, to gamifying castles, museum presentations and other à la carte gamified solutions for animating visitors and groups.

References: 25 original games, Ljubljana Castle Escape Castle , Escape Castle Svetvinčenat Pula, gamification of museums “Escape to the Bivouac” Slovenian Alpine Museum, Escape Igloo®. Especially interesting for TEAMBUILDING, COMPANIES, CONGRESS ORGANISERS, LOCAL COMMUNITIES and AGENCIES


Have you already discovered ESCAPE ROOM games – the most fun adventure game in which YOU are in the lead role?
More than fifteen exciting and uniquely-themed games await you in the most popular Escape Room Enigmarium® centres in Slovenia and Croatia.
Exciting stories, imaginative dramaturgy and various challenges for the whole team ensure an unforgettable experience. 100% fun guaranteed!
Let us upgrade your team’s escapes from the everyday with catering and personalising the puzzles with your logo!
Ljubljana and Maribor (each with 5 games = up to 30 people at a time), Murska Sobota (1 game), Laško (1 game), Slovenj Gradec and Slovenska Bistrica (1 game) and Zagreb (2 games).
Escape from boredom and transform into a hero. Come, save the world in the most popular escape games in Slovenia and Croatia.

UNLOCK® – OUTDOOR ESCAPE – a playful outdoor adventure game in which you get to know the city’s history in a fun way!

Discover the historical secrets of the city centres in thrilling outdoor escape games. With the help of a mysterious book with multiple locks, you solve puzzles and gradually reveal the path to the final solution! Will you be able to reveal the message hidden in the mysterious book?
This new, fresh and unique concept in tourism enables players to get to know the city’s actual history through play! Ideal for groups of 2 to 150 people, for foreign and local tourists, congress activities, teambuilding events, school excursions.
Ljubljana, Maribor, Laško, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenska Bistrica, Tolmin, Zagreb and NEW – the first e-cycling game in the world in BLED!


Give your loved ones, friends or business partners gift certificates for an unforgettable adventure! Gift certificates are redeemable in all Enigmarium® escape rooms and UNLOCK® outdoor games throughout Slovenia and are valid for 2–4 people.
Escape from the routine and create unforgettable memories together in playful experiences!