Remote: “The Wondrous Machine” – an escape game you play remotely with the help of an avatar


If you cannot visit our exciting games – the games will come to you!
We have adapted the deepest, unique interactive game “Sensperience” so that you can now play it together via the “zoom” application, even though everyone is in their own room.

A new “remote” escape room experience! In the remote escape room in Slovenia, your gamemaster becomes your avatar and ventures into one of the best escape rooms for you. From the comfort of your home couch, you and your team give him directions and solve puzzles remotely via the Zoom app.

An exciting adventure awaits you!

The famous inventor and engineer Alojzij P. Čuden has dedicated his life’s work to inventing a machine that prevents earthquakes. Sophisticated seismographic instruments have just reported that an earthquake is about to shake Ljubljana. The only hope is for you and your team to find the way into his apartment and start the Wondrous Machine before it’s too late. Will you save Ljubljana?

Duration: 60 minutes (+ 15 minutes)
Mode: Zoom application
Language: ENG, SLO
Price: 75 € per team of 2 to 5 players